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About Warner Chappell Music

Warner Chappell Music is the global music publishing arm of Warner Music Group. The company produces songwriters, copyright holders, and composer managers of different genres. They go hand in hand with musicians along the different stages of their careers.

The Problem

The main concern of WCM was adopting leading-edge tech in service of the songs and their creators.


The Challenge

This was a full co-creation project. The challenge involved working in partnership with Glampire Labs and the Warner development team from Malaysia. They took care of the UX/UI design and the Back-end, respectively. Meanwhile, we developed the Front-end and all the features proposed.

The app had to be useful for songwriters and companies that manage several songwriters. So, they can access their data easily on the go. Also, it should be available for both Android and iOS.  

Our Goals

The objective was to implement a user-friendly app that adds valuable information about contracts and royalties with robust and scalable software. The new development had to include a review of royalty reports, keeping track of all works delivered to Warner Chappell, and all the information on top earning works.


We worked with agile methodologies. Through Scrum ceremonies, we were able to have fast product development, testing, and release. In two months we achieved the goal and deployed the MVP.



Tech Stack - Music to my Ears

There were two teams working simultaneously:

Team A
Was responsible for the iOS app, programming in Swift using Xcode.

Team B
Was responsible for the Android app, programming in Java using Android Studio.


Interesting Features Implemented by Us - Blowing our Own Trumpet

•The main screen was presented as an ascending graph of the user’s income, with sliding control which graphs by annual quarters.

•The graphics were not based on any known graphics but on the intuition and curiosity of the user.

•The app was composed of sliding cards with each information area divided as appropriate.

•Each section could be transitioned to another easily and dynamically.

Quality Assurance - Music Makes the World Go Round

Once the design was implemented into Swift and Java, the QA team tested it within iOS and Android environments. For iOS we used TestFlight and for Android, we used tools like Diawi or Ninjadeploy to distribute the staging Android app.


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