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Go Big,

Go South.

We’re here to be the tech partner of any company that wants to push the limits of technology with agility and continuous improvement.

Ten years ago Southern Code was founded by three dreamers who aimed to create technology that generates real value in user's lives, amazes clients, and drives change. We are Southerncoders: a dedicated, professional team passionate about IT solutions, food, and memes.

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South American Advantage:

AboutUs-14We provide access to top-tier talent at a competitive cost, maximizing your ROI. 

AboutUs-16We prioritize clean code, quality assurance, and continuous improvement.

AboutUs-15Our team thrives in a diverse and inclusive environment, bringing unique perspectives and approaches to every project.

Meet the Management Team


Exequiel Zamar

CTO | Founder

Alexis Giovoglanian

VP of Engineering | Founder
Alexis copy

Ignacio Garribia Mildenberger

CEO | Founder

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At Southern Code, we are thrilled to announce our recognition as a 2024 Spring Global Award winner...

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The impact
of our ecosystem

AboutUs-12Our vision of technology is defined by continuous innovation in an ecosystem where everyone can thrive.

AboutUs-13Our collaborative approach and agile methodologies enable us to deliver projects faster and more efficiently.

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