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Enhance your teams by integrating our tech talent, adding the expertise you need. We sure know how to make relationship work, wether they are short, medium or long-term.


Does your current team need a little spark?

We can hyper-boost your team and meet those dreaded deadlines with some extra power. Let us do the magic! 
Teams of UI/UX, devs, QA, DevOps, PO and PM that will transform your business with a snap-of-a-finger.

Solutions designed to solve your needs


Our Profiles

We have a complete developer, engineer, designer, analyst, tester and UX profile network. We speak React, Python, PHP, .Net, Java, Klingon or Elven languages. You name it.


Global Recruitment

We have placed resources in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Latin America countries. We can proudly say that we have more than one love in every port.


Our Processes

The recruiting area interview clients to define the profiles they need. Then, we present them with talented candidates with the right language skills and seniority.

Searching for the perfect match


Setting up the job description


Let the hunt begin!


Closing in


Target acquired!

What working with us is like


Communication is our priority

We speak your language and we get how important it is to keep you in the loop. We don’t go overboard with meetings -no one wants that-, but we do provide regular updates.


We share time zones

You can reach us anytime you want, regardless of your time zone, which makes communication even easier!

Let's prompt your ideas into tangible and impactful business outcomes.

What staffing services does Southern Code offer?

Southern Code provides comprehensive staffing services, delivering reliable IT talent for your projects. Whether you need one professional or a full team, we've got you covered. With expertise in various coding languages and roles like Developers, Engineers, QA, and more, we ensure your company's success. Rest assured, we secure even the most challenging profiles.

What is the maximum duration for the staffing service provided?

You can hire them for as long as you need, and scale up or down depending on your requirements.

How is the quality of the talent provided by the staff augmentation service guaranteed?

Our staff augmentation service ensures top-quality talent through rigorous vetting and monitoring. Our comprehensive selection process includes technical assessments and interviews to match project needs. We continuously monitor staff performance to deliver consistent, high-quality results. Clients receive skilled professionals committed to project success.

What is the availability of the IT talent provided through the staff augmentation service?

Our IT talent availability in staff augmentation hinges on candidate evaluation. If client-led, we provide three candidates within ten days. Otherwise, we present one within a week to ten days, followed by two more within seven days. Continuous recruitment ensures prompt responses. Our consultative approach integrates technical leaders for tailored solutions, ensuring excellence in recruitment and added project value.

What happens if the assigned professional does not meet expectations or is not an adequate fit for the team and the project?

If the assigned professional does not meet expectations or is not an adequate fit for the team and the project, we have a structured process in place to address any concerns swiftly and effectively. We maintain close communication with both the client and the professional, regularly soliciting feedback to ensure alignment with expectations. In the event of any issues, we intervene promptly to find suitable solutions, prioritizing the client's satisfaction and the success of the project.

How do we ensure that new hires adhere to our coding and development standards?

We enforce your coding standards through detailed onboarding and ongoing support. New hires undergo thorough orientation sessions, aligning them with your practices and project needs. Continuous guidance and mentorship ensure adherence to evolving standards, empowering our team to consistently meet and exceed your expectations.