/UX-UI Design

UX/UI process is the bedrock of all our projects.

We are able to achieve what the clients want, and also what they need.


Understanding your business and users

UX/UI Design Process

Stages, duration and Deliverables


Understand & Empathize

Research is our map, and on it, we need to know our users that's why research is our map. Over that map we analyze all possible paths to decide on the most efficient, fastest and safest route. Without good research, shipwreck is almost certain.



We take all the research and we try to make sense out of that information. We define where we really should focus in order to deliver the best impact for the users.


Ideation & Design

A quick peak! Making the model of what we want to achieve on a small scale helps us to visualize the final product while minimizing risks.


Validation & Testing

By the end of this first stop, we check if the final product meets the needs of the users. Evaluating a product or design helps to identify and fix issues that may affect its usability, functionality, or overall effectiveness.

We adapt our services to meet your needs


UX Audit

We identify issues that hinder the user experience and we provide you recommendations in order of priority to enhance your product.


UX Research

We help you understand your user’s mental model and their needs so we can co-create the design experience they expect.

Let's prompt your ideas into tangible and impactful business outcomes.

What methods are used to validate and refine design concepts before implementation?

We utilize various methods to validate and refine design concepts before implementation, including user testing, prototyping, heuristic evaluations, and stakeholder feedback. These approaches help ensure that the final design aligns with user needs and preferences, leading to a more effective and user-friendly product.

How are the findings from research translated into concrete and effective designs?

The findings from our research are translated into concrete and effective designs through a collaborative process involving our design team and stakeholders. We analyze the research data to identify key insights and user needs, which inform our design decisions. By iteratively prototyping and refining designs based on user feedback, we ensure that the final product meets user expectations and achieves its intended goals.

How do you ensure that the final product meets the needs and expectations of users?

We ensure the product meets user needs through comprehensive testing and feedback loops. Early and frequent user involvement informs design decisions. Usability testing identifies issues for refinement, aiming for an optimal user experience that exceeds expectations.

What is a UX Audit and what is its purpose?

A UX Audit is a comprehensive evaluation of the user experience of a digital product, such as a website or mobile application. It is conducted to identify areas for improvement in the design and usability of the product, as well as to detect potential issues that may impact the user experience. This audit provides specific recommendations for enhancing usability, accessibility, and user satisfaction, helping to optimize the product and ensure a more effective and enjoyable user experience.

How can I be sure that the development team will understand my vision and work towards it?

The development team at Southern Code is committed to thoroughly understanding each client's vision. We prioritize clear communication and collaboration to ensure that your goals are fully understood and translated into the final product. Our experienced team members are adept at aligning their work with your vision, ensuring that we deliver results that exceed your expectations.

What is UX Research and why should I care about it?

UX Research is all about understanding your users – their behaviors, needs, and preferences. By diving deep into their mindset, we can collaboratively design an experience that resonates with them. It's important because it ensures that the final product meets the expectations of your target audience, leading to higher satisfaction and engagement. In short, UX Research helps us create products that users love to use.