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About Scopes

Scopes is a facility services company based in the USA. They reached out to us for the redesign of an existing app that allows technicians and their users to organize and keep track of their assigned work orders.

The Problem

Scopes needed to improve the organization of their users' tasks to optimize their services. This organization included different types of user personas such as regional managers, techs and subtechs. As there are different work roles, achieving an efficient and intuitive product for everyone was the main challenge.

The Challenge

We redesigned an existing app focusing on keeping tasks as simple as possible for users. We worked on improving the user experience with a solid, consistent and intuitive design that could be used online and offline, not requiring an additional effort from the user.

Our Goals

Our main achievement was to propose, define and provide a coherent, solid and user-friendly UX design focused on the needs of the user personas. Scopes needed a development that would allow regional managers and technicians to keep track of assigned tasks in a straightforward yet detailed manner.

Ux Research


Ideation and Design

Some of the services that Scopes offers to their clients are:


a/ User Persona



They mainly use the desktop version of the software and organize the schedule for all technicians along with providing them with technical support while using the app.

The main task is to receive client requirements and upload the workload to the software. They also study usage analytics to power tech productivity.


Regional Managers

They organize and supervise all work load by regional localization. They use the mobile app as a daily tool to check which tasks are being completed and to reassign them to another tech if needed.

Main feature used: Act as another user - to help techs understand or identify any problems.


Techs & Subtechs

Techs are our main user. For this reason, the mobile app needed to be very accessible to all. Designing a simple layout with clear directions and easy to use, to help techs achieve their daily goals.

Main features used: Work orders list and filters with check in/out processes.

b/ Defining



Final  Proposal


We redesigned an App that allows different Scope users to organize their tasks in a better, easier, intuitive, and productive way.

Next Steps

The Scopes App redesign project is finished and operational. We accompany our client during the start-up process and remain available to continue updating the development.


Overdue Work Orders



Check In/Out




Designing an App for different users with different pain points is a big challenge. We learned their needs and developed a system that allows them to better manage their tasks.

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