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About Pyplan

Pyplan is a flexible extended Planning and Analysis platform to develop, modify, and review integrated data analysis and plans in minutes. It is based on assisted programming: a full set of wizards helps the user create their first analysis without writing any code. Its flexibility, transparency, and ability to collaborate are the key points to accommodating personalized planning processes according to the needs of each company.

The Problem

Their platform has grown over the years, and during that process, some features became disconnected and generated an inconsistent process for the user. Not including a deep Design Process prior to developing the solutions caused a difficult-to-use and complex tool in which adding new functionalities was a great challenge for the engineers

The Challenge

Delivering business success for each customer.

To fully understand the daily activity within the platform for useful and easy-to-use navigation.
Make coding friendly through user interface elements.
Standardize the terms and nomenclature used throughout the ecosystem.
Standardize the way applications are designed within the platform.

Our Goals

Understand and analyze what’s best for every part involved.

Renovate the look & feel to reposition the brand. Product discovery and redesign so that functionalities can be navigated in a clear and understandable way. Facilitate the work of implementers who use the tool on a daily basis. Create an easy-to-scale ecosystem that
contemplates several user cases for 3 types of users. Recycle as much as possible to guarantee efficient development and maintenance.


a/ Research

Based on the existing Pyplan application, we define certain software features that can be improved.



b/ Competitor Analysis

This is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors.

Understanding Our Users

User Persona

These personas help in driving the design decisions by taking their common needs and bringing them to the forefront of planning before starting the design process.


Ideation and Design

a/ Information Architecture


b/ Light and Dark Mode


c/ Wireframes


Final Proposal

Next Step

The redesign of the Pyplan web application requires a development effort that accompanies the implementation of the entire roadmap, and it is being carried out in stages by the Pyplan Team.


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