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North Carolina, United States
PM | PO | QA | UX/UI Design, Tech Lead, Development
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About INE

INE is a platform that provides e-learning IT training and certifications, focused on providing world-class instruction with hands-on labs in Networking, Cyber Security, Cloud and Data Science. They work with clients all over the world, such as: Dell, Verizon, Paypal, Intel, IBM, among others.


INE.com's success story unfolds with the seamless integration of a new client platform, enhancing their expertise in IT training for cybersecurity and cloud. Admin platform upgrades achieved functionality parity, error correction, and improved technology, catalyzing higher conversion rates and increased sales.

The Problem

INE wanted to offer companies the possibility of digital learning with access to the best resources in the world, allowing them to achieve the company's training objectives. Therefore, they set the challenge to include in the platform "INE Businesses” so that companies can organize and manage their team members and train them with speed, while receiving real-time performance metrics and learning the latest technologies.

The Challenge

The INE.com administration platform had functional limitations and bugs that hinder the task of managing students and/or clients. In view of the expected growth and technology changes, it was necessary to update the platform admin and include the new features of INE business.

Our Goals

Improve the INE.com administration platform in two stages: Equalizing the current functionalities, correcting errors and improving the technology, and then including improvements that help the administrator users, both the client and the INE staff.



Understanding Our Users

a/ User Persona





  • Sprints 2 weeks
  • Planing
  • Refinement
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Review
  • Retrospective

Tech Stack

  • Front-End: Vue.js
  • Black-End: Phyton
  • QA: Unit testing, E2E testing for web

Key Features

  • User Management: Invite and remove users | User Profile | Change Users License, role & team.
  • Team Management: Table Teams | Create Team | Remove Team | Add Users to Team | Team profile.
  • NE Backoffice: Accounts Page | Account profile | Create/Edit Account | Change plan | Add domains | Account Impersonation.
  • User Profile: Profiles pages | Analytics | Account Page | Analytics.

Final Proposal

final proposal INE

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