Handling Overtime for Employees

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About the Client

Lafarge Holcim Brazil belongs to the Holcim Group, the world leader in materials and innovative construction solutions. It has a presence in about 80 countries and employs more than 90,000 employees. It has four business segments: cement, ready-mix concrete, aggregates, solutions and products.

The problem

The main problem was that Lafarge Holcim required a system that would allow its employees to manage their overtime requests expeditiously. In the same way, it was necessary to keep a record of the approval or rejection of each request. Both SAP and Google Suite did not offer a viable solution for all employees.


Project Overview

The Challenge

Time for a Change

The main challenge was to transform the client's idea into a product that was easy to understand, similar to the forms already used by employees in the plants, but with a simple and modern interface.

Our Goals

A Whale of a Time

We have developed an App with a functional and intuitive UX/UI design so that each employee can easily request overtime, and so that each manager can authorize or reject them promptly. We met the main goal of carrying out the design and development process in three months.

In addition, we worked on an aesthetic around the Horas Extras logo and brand as a fusion of the fundamental principles of the product. We took into account the control of time as a unit of measurement in work, and overtime was the main problem to solve and provide a solution. We chose, again, something simple but illustrative. The same process was used for choosing the colors, typography, and naming of the produc

Understanding Our Users

It is essential to get to know the users to achieve empathy and design a solution that solves their problems in the best possible way. Therefore, we started with qualitative research based on interviews with employees and managers of the Lafargeholcim Brazil plants. Thanks to the collaboration of our client with his team in Brazil and Argentina, we managed to develop the best user personas for our product.


Ideation and Design

a/ Style Guide

We choose Material Design, due to the popularity of this design system, the simplicity of expression that has the same and the elasticity to adapt to any environment


b/ First sketches


Developing Stage


Final Proposal

Results, Next Steps and Learnings

Horas Extras was used in more than 8 Cement plants in Brazil as the mandatory tool for more than 500 employees to request, approve or deny the request for overtime. It was complemented by a dashboard created using Power BI to analyze all the information. It was launched in March 2020 and was closed in September 2022 because it was not necessary anymore. Until then, we provided enhancements, maintenance, and support to their business users.


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