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Delivered Product


About Gauk Motors

Gauk Motors is a platform, based in the UK, that gathers car auction sites.
They help you to find your perfect car by comparing every vehicle at car auctions and classifieds websites in one place.

The Problem

The product had the complexity of absorbing a vast amount of data to provide answers to users and that could often cause instability. It was vital that the user could receive a constant and realistic offer from the auctions that existed in the market and that they were valid. In this way users could have access to the best opportunities and retain business. Then the need arose to offer a more satisfying user experience as well.


Project Overview

The Challenge

Simplify, Improve and Innovate

Make the code simpler and fix bugs to improve the user's search process and ensure that they receive a real offer according to their needs. Provide an innovative design that is intuitive, easy to use, and provide a personalized user experience. 


Our Goals

We optimized and improved the quality of the data that is collected so that it reaches the user better. We also improved server monitoring. We ensure the proper functioning of the process from the moment the users perform the search until they receive all the information. We designed an interface that allows customizing the experience of each user to receive information about the vehicles they are interested in and have a more satisfactory navigation.




a/ Responsive Website

Adapting the product to get a deep experience in all the platforms without losing all the main features.


b/ Dashboard

Users were tired of opening multiple tabs and jumping back and forth between them to view and compare their cars. They were also overwhelmed by logging into all the sites to access the information.

We designed an Operations Center from the bottom up to provide all the information in one place. With the ability to view and compare all their searches, add their favorites, and save their specific interests.

c/ Mobile Experience

We designed an enjoyable experience for both customers: sellers and buyers. Our designers had to walk in different shoes to think about the different users we have as well as different components needed to create the best possible experience.


Fina Proposal

Final Testing

When it comes to development, after each implementation we carried out a regression test to verify the correct functioning of the tool. We also conducted some research and tests with real users to make this a success.



Gauk motors platform is operational. Users search and receive information about cars for sale every day. This allows them to make better decisions and have a more convenient business.

Your project can also be a successful case study!