Why AI-Assisted Delivery?

This approach aims to revolutionize traditional development practices by integrating AI tools and leveraging third-party services.

AI in a fundamental way from the get-go

By intertwining the core value proposition of the business with AI’s unique capabilities, we developed a methodology that guides us into a faster market-fit, reducing the costs of failure and incorporating all the relevant data for a smarter strategy.

The Methodology

Southern Code’s AI-Assisted Delivery presents a cutting-edge methodology for software development.

01 Envision

AI helps us to gather and interpret all the requirements, followed by data-driven insights that boosts the brainstorming process and leads to innovative suggestions. 

  • Gathering Requirements: Enhanced efficiency with AI analysis.
  • Brainstorming Ideas: Data-driven insights and innovative suggestions.

02 Shape

We combine our past experiences and expertise with AI recommendations for optimal technology matching and design. We avoid significant delays of the development process, sprints planning and meeting schedules.

  • Design: Data-informed design prototypes.
  • Technology Selection: AI recommendations for optimal technology matching.
  • Sprints or Periodization: AI enhances sprint planning with predictive analytics for task duration, resource allocation, and identifying potential bottlenecks, which can lead to more efficient sprints.
  • Meetings: AI tools can optimize meeting scheduling, generate focused agendas, and provide summaries, enhancing productivity and focus.

03 Deployment

Combining AI technologies with continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) enhances deployment practices for increased efficiency and reliability.

  • Automated deployment with AI integration:  With AI-enhanced tools, like Copilot X,  the process becomes more streamlined and ensures a comprehensive approach to quality.

04 Maintenance Loops

AI-assisted tools to monitor application performance and user feedback for proactive maintenance and updates. As well as the integration of both manual and automated testing. 

  • Maintenance and Updates: Constant monitoring and data-driven improvements.
  • Quality Assurance: Constant monitoring and data-driven improvements.

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