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About Capital Tech

CapitalTech is a leading Argentine financial services company specialized in credit cards, personal loans, and related financial products. Established in 1985, CapitalTech has grown to become one of the major credit card issuers in Argentina, with an extensive network of branches and points of sale throughout the country.

The Problem

The company needed to identify customers who were most likely to transition to digital channels for their banking and financial needs. With the rapid evolution of the fintech industry and changing customer preferences, CapitalTech sought to stay ahead of the curve by effectively migrating a significant portion of their customer base to digital platforms.

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The Challenge

We needed to identify clients with the highest potential for switching to digital channels. To do this, we drew insights from various data sources, including their usage history, payment behavior, insurance claims, credit records, and past digital migration trends. Our challenge was to detect those clients most likely to embrace digital banking, based on their historical interactions and digital footprint.

Our Goals

The crowning achievement of this project was a remarkable 30% increase in digital channel conversion, signifying a substantial shift toward embracing digital banking and online financial services. This accomplishment reflects the project's core success, driven by data science development efforts, as we effectively identified and facilitated the transition of clients towards the convenience and efficiency of our digital platforms.

Tech Stack

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Insights and Highlights

This case study exemplifies the impact of data science in Fintech. The outstanding 30% increase in digital channel adoption showcases the tangible results, illustrating the pivotal role data-driven solutions play in shaping modern financial services.

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