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About Brand Builders

Brands Builders is a digital consulting services company that is specialized in building brand and digital experiences.
They work with clients such as Netflix, McDonald’s, Disney, Starbucks, Taco Bell, among others to navigate the critical phases in the development of modern businesses and build exceptional digital experiences through Brand Innovation, Digital Transformation and Growth Acceleration.

The problem

Brands Builders needed help with testing and bug fixes for the platform of a hidden client before its launch, as they were behind schedule.
This platform allows users to locate family members, track routes, stay connected with them, receive emergency assistance in case a situation requires it, among other security features.


Project Overview

The Challenge

Our company faced two different challenges: first, finding a perfect match team with developers iOS / Swift and Android / Kotlin. We accomplished the task fast enough to face the second big challenge: deadlines.

We were asked to help launch the product with the most critical bugs corrected and detected. The Southern Code specialized team joined the inhouse team and they all worked on the platform with critical timing and under pressure.

Our Goals

After building a team that could accomplish the client's needs in a short period of time, providing a quick and clear presentation of bugs to the client that set some new goals:
Resolve critical issues and bugs with quality and detail.
Propose improvements to the product.
Support the customer with management in internal and external communications.


Within the Brands Builders project on the testing side we have worked with the following types of tests:

•Retest, regression and exploratory test
•Asana for team analysis and brainstorming
•Case management tools: TestRail for case design and execution


Ideation and Design

Results, Next Steps and Learnings

This project was a great challenge for Southern Code. In the hard skills field we were able to add experience in native app development and in the soft skills field we passed the test of getting into a project quickly enough to satisfy our client’s demands.At the same time, we professionally managed to work under pressure without damaging the performance of the team and the project.

In addition, we improved the management of the team internally and with the client. The next steps will be to continue working as a technology partner of Brands Builders in new projects in the short term.


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