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HR App Development
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Date: 2020
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MVP Delivered / Ongoing


About Booming App

Booming App was born with the rise and growth of remote work. Numerous companies found themselves lacking the online infrastructure required for seamless operations working from home.
This app has emerged as a highly efficient and cost-effective solution for effectively managing human resources and enhancing work environments and productivity through the utilization of various tools. Booming's primary objective was to develop a digital product that could offer comprehensive time organization and management control features for teams seeking improved time management and a more streamlined connection with their company.

The Problem

Since its inception, Booming App has faced the significant challenge of racing against time. As a customizable application, it requires rapid adaptation to cater to the unique needs of each company. In order to respond promptly and efficiently to every client's request, Booming operates with a modular structure, enabling the swift delivery of customized features. This approach ensures that new features can be implemented at a faster pace.

Boom Your Employee Experience

Booming App has emerged as a highly efficient and cost-effective solution for effectively managing human resources and enhancing work environments and productivity through the utilization of various tool.


Project Overview

The Challenge

The main challenge we tackled with this product was creating an application that struck a balance between being broad and comprehensive enough for companies across different industries to use, while also being customizable to provide a tailored experience.

Our Goals

  • Understand the unique requirements and administrative needs of diverse companies.
  • Tailor user experiences to accommodate small, medium, and large-scale businesses.
  • Develop an application that can seamlessly integrate data and other tools for corporate utilization.
  • Develop a software application that is intuitive and quick to apply for delivering agile responses to the ever-changing dynamics of human resources.

Understanding Our Users

a/ User Persona

To truly unravel the essence of the new product, we embarked on an audacious exploration of its two distinct realms: the dynamic domain of business and the captivating world of users.



The proposal encompasses both a basic and an advanced usage of our software. The basic usage focuses on helping users with their daily work tasks, while the advanced usage is designed for those who are more familiar with the app and require more advanced features.



Tech Stack

React Native

PHP- Laravel


2 UX | 1 TL | 2 Frontend | 2 Backend | 1 PO | 1 PM | 1 QA

Front end

The front-end development was approached with a recognition that user needs to evolve continuously. In order to ensure an onboarding experience tailored to these changes, we have incorporated provisions for regular modifications. To accomplish this, we have employed cutting-edge technologies such as React and NextJS.

Back end

The back end was designed to respond to the needs of the front end. We work in PHP using Laravel framework and node using Express.js for some of the features it requires.


We start our development working together with a Qa.Testing during development helped identify errors, ensuring reliable software and satisfying clients. It also guarantees product quality and reduces future maintenance costs.


Next Steps & Results

From the beginning, Booming App was designed to be constantly iterated. Adding functionalities according to the needs of each company, we work on design and architecture improvements. As new needs arise, we have been adapting the product both in improvements related to soft and hard skills. This is how we add chats, boots, task tracking, vacation records, PTO’s, and licenses.


 We also think of functionalities to improve the work climate and environment, such as internal messaging, generation of polls and contests. The results have been as expected and more. Today we continue to improve the functionalities to bring the product to its maximum capacity.


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