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About Amaze

Amaze started as an open-source platform. The main goal of the digital product was in their own words “inventing an amazing animation engine that could magically move things across the screen on a mobile device.”

They have been rocking it for nine years. They still are the leaders in animation and interaction on a mobile device. The greatest value of Amaze is that they created a platform that allows any person to upload an intuitive, nice and functional e-commerce.


We swiftly implemented and scaled a QA system for Amaze Studio, saving time and effort in digital experience creation. The impact was felt globally, benefiting 11 million creators and 18,000 daily users on the platform. Our introduction of a production QA test suite ensured quality standards and addressed pre-existing bugs, enhancing overall operational excellence for Amaze.

The Problem

The challenge was to provide a variety of design and functionality for the different needs of each category, because Amaze began as a small idea and quickly started to grow. Users started to demand more and more pieces from different areas: online clothing stores, jewelry, furniture sales, decoration elements or gardening. It became vital for them to keep on offering custom templates that felt personalized, with different designs and functions as fast as possible, became vital for them. But as quality comes first, they need to test every piece to avoid bugs. Being the guardians of that quality became our first task.

How is Amaze

The Challenge

We were tasked with Testing every piece that Amaze produces to make sure each one is functional, intuitive, and bug-free. We set out to do it in the shortest possible time with the best level of efficiency.

Amaze seeks to deliver customizable pieces to product sales platforms. Whether it's Mobile Selling Pages, Ad pages, Link in a Bio or dynamic presentations, the focus is on creating beautiful experiences that bring  content to life, increase engagement, and boost sales.

They have two types of subscriptions: free and pro. The main difference between both of the plans is the amount of templates and the complexity of its functions.

Our Goals

Southern Code took the premise and started testing with a team of manual testers the templates that were ready to go live. While the work was ongoing, our team of experts realized that many of the templates that were already productive had bugs that compromised the quality of the product. So after the first goal of testing to release pieces faster, together with the client we establish a new one:  improving the pieces that were already available for users.

As the product kept evolving, we were flexible enough to guide that growth. We integrated into their management board and merged the in-house team with our group of experts.

Understanding Our Users

a/ Templates for Everyone

Amaze seeks to bring emerging commerce tools to create intuitively and beautifully branded mobile stores fronts without code. From that description, we knew that users had no code knowledge, that they were entrepreneurs, and that they needed their platforms to first persuade buyers and second, help make the purchase happen. A friendly user experience should be error free. Testing each point and functionality of the pieces, both in mobile and desktop versions, was key to the users, and therefore for the client.

Amaze Template

Final Proposal

Results, nest Steps and Learning

We knew from the beginning that we needed a team able to amaze our client. But also, a team capable of adapting to one already underway. That is why even though we worked following the testing strategy, we were flexible enough to adapt our methods for the best interest of the client. Since the beginning of the QA audit, eight rounds of validations have been carried out and revisions have been made in more than 190 templates, both in the free and pro version of the product. The rate of production of new Amaze templates continues to grow and improve, so our task alongside them as well.

Final Amaze

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