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May 2021 - Aug 2022
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About 3Sixty

3Sixty is a worldwide leader in global accommodations and B2B technology solutions. As such, its main focus is to meet the demands of the blue chip clients they serve by ensuring a marketplace that delivers a high quality, curated, compliant and efficient accommodation experience.


3Sixty's triumph in managing global relocations for Amazon earned them the "Innovation of The Year" award. Industry giants embraced their B2B2C solution, fuelling remarkable growth. 

The Problem

For 3Sixty, the main concern was to update their technology stack to allow for a better user experience and enhanced functionalities.

The Challenge

Blending 3Sixty operational expertise and a globally vetted supply chain to deliver on the promise of a high touch, hyper local experience to clients and guests anywhere in the world.
Tech-enabled marketplace (data, product, leads, process automation).
Industry leading self-service offering (create unique B2C offering via B2B process).
Housing as a service.
Vetted and compliant global on-demand inventory.
Eliminate friction of physical interface by offering a streamlined digital experience.
Reimagine and recalibrate the underlying fundamentals on which the merging alternative accommodations industry operates.

Our Goals

Deliver a product that would enhance and improve the already functional 3Sixty resulting in a more robust and scalable software with a well-rounded user experience.

To get the job done, we gather a team of more than 35 people. A group of senior talents that has been working for over 15 years in the IT ecosystem chose a cutting-edge technology stack for the challenge.

The Team

In order to supply the demand that the project required, the team has grown overtime with experts from different backgrounds and expertise. The current line-up is as follows:


Value Proposition

a/ Supply

Property Owners
  Access desirable corporate demand.
  Increase revenue yield & cap rates.
  Enhance long-term property value.
  Offload property management operations/costs.

  Access corporate demand.
•  Boost occupancy rates & revenue yield.
  Offload corporate policy & requirement compliance.
  Offload customer management & support operations/costs.


b/ Demand

Companies, Institutions & Government
  Tailored, cost-effective, increasingly automated solutions & services.
  Quality, pre-vetted worldwide supply for corporate needs.
•  Policy & requirement compliance; integration with existing rules and workflows.
•  Customer management & support.

Relocation Management Companies (RCM)
  Streamlined availability of quality, pre-vetted worldwide supply.
  Highly automated, cost-effective.
•  Policy & requirement compliance; integration with existing rules/ workflows.
  Increase corporate custom satisfaction.

  Quality, pre-vetted worldwide accomodations
•  Fully-furnished & comfortable with tasteful desgin
•  Robust customer support
•  Destination activities & services


Ux Research


Ideation and Design

a/ Guest Flow

A dedicated flow was designed taking into account the most relevant features from a guest perspective, chief among them: the registration and log-in, the discovery of products and the bookings.


b/ Supplier Flow

For the suppliers, the flow created focused, among other features, on the creation and management of listings, the administration of reservations and the bid process.

c/ Design System




Sprints 2 weeks

Tech Stack

Back-End: Microservices Architecture, Django FastApi, PostgreSQL, ArangoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ.
Front-End: JavaScript, React with Next.js, Multi-zones, distributed apps.
UX Design: Figma.
Testing: Webdriver.io for e2e, Cypress for integration, API Integration test using Postman, Pytest.
Infrastructure: Docker, Kubernetes, Azure Cloud, Azure API Gateway.
Third-Party API Integration: Payment gateway with Stripe (Critical for payments), Google Places API (Critical for geolocation and geofencing), Exchange rates API (For currency exchange quoting), Hotelbeds (To offer hotels in addition to proprietary products).


Key Features

Search for accommodations by address, point of interest, region, country, etc.
Creation of property listings
Pricing engine, tax rules, long stay promotions
Stripe Integration for check-out
Save favorite rental accommodations•Invite contacts to plan a trip together
Booking accommodations, including date, check-in details and other details
Real-time alerts and booking notifications
Ratings and reviews to share experiences
Bid model for reservation processes
Supplier and accommodations curation

Design Solution

a/ Home


b/ Discovery


c/ Property Detail


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