Case study: Overtime for Lafargeholcim Brazil

Horas Extras (Overtime) is the solution designed to solve the problem of requesting and handling overtime for employees of Lafargeholcim Brazil, global leader in building materials and solutions. It has a presence in about 80 countries and employs around 80,000 employees.

The team for the development of this product, was committed and reach the goal of delivery deadline of 3 months. We began through a qualitative research based on interviews with employees and managers of the plants of Lafargeholcim Brazil. Together with a team from both Argentina and Brazil on behalf of our customer, we managed to develop the best users for our product: fundamental tool for empathy with the user and their needs. Then we continued with the development of the idea for the product: something simple to understand that remember the forms used by the employees currently in the plants and a simple but modern interface, without applied trends that can easily remain old. Some suggestions and wireframes later, we achieved our first prototype for share with our clients. The iteration between our team and client's was key for the success. 

Our user persona

As explained above, our persona were the result of consulting and interviews with the final users of the product. The language wasn't a barrier, we wanted the same: develop the best solution for our users. We had 3 profiles: first our OG of the employees, our manager with experience and the newest employee. The process took time but was worth it, cause having faces our users took shape and developed personalities. They made us put ourselves in their places, this step in the development process being of the utmost importance. 


The logo and branding for Overtime, was thought as a merge of the main principles of the idea for this product. They were: employees as the main user in the process and who uses more the app and its features; time control as measurement unit at work; and overtime, the main problem to solve and give a solution. We choose, again, something simple but illustrative. The same process was for choice of colors, typography and naming of the product. We did not want to generate doubt, regarding the functionalities raised. 




Our motto is "if something works to fix it, take advantage of it by customizing it"

 First sketches


Currently, Horas Extras is used in more than 8 Cement plants in Brazil and is the tool of mandatory use for more than 500 employees, for apply, receive, approve or deny overtime request.

Employees should no longer apply for overtime at the ERP, SAP, as they have a tool specially designed for this purpose, making it easier for each sector to manage.