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Booming App

Product Thinking + Ux/Ui + React Native App for Android & iOS + Web app


Booming.app is a solution based on the sudden digitalization of the workplace, due to covid19 pandemic, to create a space where create community and streamline hr management in companies. The close connection with our customers made us design a powerful and scalable tool designed for their needs.

Scope: product thinking, user experience and interfaces, usability testing, development, project management and technical documentation, support, maintenance and agile continous improvements.

Mi PoRHtal

Product Thinking + Ux/Ui


Designed to redefine the way employees communicate with the company and to transform HR into a support center. All features included were designed to increase engagement, specially for users who were previously excluded from digital tools.

Scope: product thinking, user experience and interfaces, usability testing, project management and technical documentation

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WCM Analytics

Android & iOs Native app

Warner Music Group

It is designed to benefit all Warner Chappell songwriters, enabling them to access their data easily on the go. Includes: Review of royalty reports, Keep track of all works delivered to Warner Chappell; Pull more info on top earning works. 

Scope: Development, Project Management and Testing

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Performance LH

Product Thinking + Ux/Ui + Web app

Laser ITSC, a company from LafargeHolcim providing IT services for all Latam contacted us to develop a solution for their performance and competences evaluation process. They would like to stop using another software for some weak points and incompatibilities with their own process such as: high maintenance and license cost per user.

Scope: product thinking, UX and UI design, usability testing, technical specs, branding, project management, development and testing.

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Product Thinking + Ux/Ui + Android & iOs Native App + Web app

LafargeHolcim Brazil needed to provide mobility and accessibility to all their employees to overtime management. The result was Horas Extras, a modern app to request , approve or reject orders of overtime management. One of the main challenges of this project was to integrate the app with SAP. Nowadays, every overtime request and approval is register on the Android, web or IOS app, avoiding task duplication and administrative task so every employee could focus on their duties

Scope: product thinking, UX and UI design, usability testing, technical specs, branding, project management, development and testing.

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IEWG Redesigning

Ux Strategy + Ui Redesigning Ecosystem

IEG International Endurance Group

Endurance Group is a leading startup on the sports tech industry focused on helping coaches and athletes to improve their performance. Like many IT focused startups, their ecosystem has grown without a design system, resulting in a difficult software for their users.

Scope: product thinking, UX strategy and UI design and project management.

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Android Native App


The Global Leader in Building Materials Industry trusted us the digital transformation of their quarry operations processes. The result was Quic, an innovative app to register, control and support operations, logistics, maintenance, health and safety and management control.

Scope: product thinking, UX and UI design, usability testing, technical specs, branding, project management, development and testing.

H&S LivingApp

React Native App for Android & iOS


LivingApp is a smart app to achieve the zero harm to people objective. This app works as a risk evaluation digital tool, so that each worker can operate with maximum security. It integrates and guides the users to a more safety path under LafargeHolcim standarts. 

Scope: product thinking, user experience/ user interfaces, product documentation, project management, development, testing, support, maintenance and agile continous improvements

Home Banking S&C Inversiones

Android & iOS App - Fintech

S&C Inversiones

The first mobile digital tool for individuals and corporate investors from the market leader in Córdoba, Argentina. Inspired in fintech digital tools, this app was thougth to redefined the way financial information is consumed by their customers. It allows to follow financial investments returns on the go, receive personalized recommendations based on the interest of each customer and their risk profile, and access to news and  relevant information.

Scope: product thinking, user experience and interfaces, usability testing and development


Bellman GuestApp

Android & iOS App


Bellman is a startup who was born to close the gap between e-commerce and guests reviews. Bellman allows guest to request hotel services and products and qualify the services they have received during their stay. This way the hotel has insights to immediately improve their experience.

Scope:market research, branding, product thinking, UX and UI interfaces, usability testing, development and testing


Android App + Web - Agtech

Aceitera General Deheza

The key objective of this project was to provide agricultural supplies at the right time in a wide region of Argentina. Working closely with engineers we have created a multiplatform customized E-Commerce that allows orders and logistics management. 

Scope: product thinking, UX and UI desing, usability testing, development and testing.

La Belga Salud

Rebranding + Website + Social Media Management

Grupo Despontin

The first health benefit club in Córdoba, Argentina. 

Scope: Product thinking, market research, Rebranding, Social Media Management, SEM.

Flag Trader

Web institucional

Flag Trader

Comex solutions and Supply Management.

Scope: Responsive website with content manager (Joomla). 

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