Case Study: WCM Analytics

WCM Analytics is designed to benefit all Warner Chappell songwriters, enabling them to access their data easily on the go. Includes: Review of royalty reports, Keep track of all works delivered to Warner Chappell; Pull more info on top earning works.

It is a project carried out in collaboration with Glampire Labs in which they take care of the ux and ui design and we developed all the features proposed, with two teams: one Android Native and the other iOS Native. We also collaborated with the Warner Development Team from Malasia. Our development team had to experiment with the API since it didn´t have any proper documentation.

Main users of the app are divided into 2 categories: songwriters y companies with manage several songwriters. This was a challenge because the app needed to be useful for big companies with many artist as well as independent artist with just one or many contracts.

All graphics and animations were design from scratch with the premise to feel natural and relax. Not a financial tool but a friendly one. The inspiration for the ui of the product was given by apps of financial control, in which it is shown in graphics the user’s revenues in a didactic, logical and easy to understand way. The main screen is presented as an ascending graph of the user’s income, with sliding control which graphs by annual quarters. The graphics were not based on any known graphics but in the intuition and curiosity of the user. The app itself is composed of sliding cards with each information area divided as appropriate. Each section can be transition to another easily and dynamically. 

Result: Analytics has more than 40.000 users worldwide, supporting more than 20 languages.

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