Samuranium: Software Testing made simple

Samuranium is an open source testing framework created by Infovalue. It was developed during years of testing experiences with Fortune 500 companies and startups. Quality and simplicity are their most valuable assets.

But.. What is software testing? And what is it used for?

Software testing is a process that detects issues or bugs in the applications before they reach the customers. It should be done frequently and on every cycle during the software development process.

Automated testing is just writing code to verify everything works as intended, making sure that new code or changes in the servers don't break anything. One of the main benefits it provides is that it can run in parallel and as many times as needed on different browsers, phones or operative systems, giving the development team more coverage and faster results, hence boosting the confidence on the product they are building.

Automated Testing vs Manual Testing

First of all, they are not antagonists but rather they complement each other. Automation is a powerful tool and helps the testing team. That's it.

Why use a Testing Framework?
A Testing Framework helps the Testing team build all the automation tests a lot faster, taking complex code setup and functions out of their hands and providing an easier development process.

Samuranium aims to help democratize the whole automation testing process, so it's not only for expert coders, but also for manual testers that usually are new to the whole coding world, and also for expert coders that want to have a powerful framework at they're hands.

Being open source, anyone could potentially contribute to the framework, or even fork it and start another framework more suited to a particular requirement. 

We could help you to design, improve or execute your testing strategy. If you are interested in Samuranium or our services, you could meet our CTO and get a free consultation.