Industry 4.0

Quic is a tool specifically designed in collaboration with the Holcim Argentina Quarry Operations Area and the main goals were registration and control in an integrated way all the operations in a quarry: health and safety, real time information, maintenance, vehicles, time and location tracking and stock management.

The team for the project was composed by a product owner and camp specialist from Holcim Argentina and a project manager, UX/Ui designer, back end developer, front end developers and QA tester. We’ve achieved the goal of developing the whole product in a period of 3 month.


Difficulties encountered in the quarry, before Quic, were

  • 100% Paper documentation
  • Manual data entry
  • Extra workload due to documentation management
  • Non preventive task control
  • Difficulties in H&S and preventive controls tracking
  • Reporting tasks consumed valuable time given less time for analyzing and improving the operations


What could be achieved by developing an app that integrated all operations?

First of all, ensure security controls in quarry equipment and Improve health and safety conditions of the employees. Second, improve the quality of information to take quicker operational and tactical decisions. It is possible to have real time information about the quarry's operation available from any device. Third: recording the operations of: Drill, Loader, Trucks and Crusher. Last but not least, and we think the most important value, digitization of quarry operations.

Same Tool different views

We defined 3 users for this tool: worker, supervisor and Maintenance engineer.

Worker: The field work is rough and more in a cement plant. In our users' research we perceived various adversities that they experience on a daily basis. We had at our disposal the definition of the tool with which the app would be developed and a tablet device was our choice. Size helped us to give the user a more global and clear view of the work situation. The main machineries used were truck, shovel, excavator and crusher, so the logic about how this tool works is based on these. Presenting every step of the process was also a great solution to avoid missing steps in the daily work. 


Main improvements were:

  • Allowing them to fulfil the daily and safety checklists. Then the supervisor checks and approves them from his phone.
  • Informing about the productivity by operator and tracks the complete work shift
  • Informing about the management of the machines and their availability
  • Communicating quickly about break-ups to the maintenance area and reduces the maintenance cycles by improving them

Supervisor: In this case, our users, generally own a high-end phone and always carry it with them. Simplicity was the key to making this step of approval and review effective. Having Quic allows always to be in the know. The supervisor has key performance indicators and operational insights to improve productivity and efficiency and all the quarry's data is at your fingertips. It’s also easy to use: we’ve added an informing card with every reference in the notification that could confuse the user. The clearer, the better.

Maintenance engineer: As the supervisor, simplicity was mandatory and the chosen format was also mobile app. The app shares load and transport cycles information and the key Performance Indicators for Drill, Crusher, Trucks and Maintenance:

  • Drilled meters, Tons per truck, load distribution curve, Material transport
  • Net Availability Index (NAI)
  • Production Rate Index (PRI)
  • Maintenance process statistics
  • Stoppage analysis
  • Productivity analysis
  • H&S: checklist items analysis and frequently reported issues

Quic is currently being implemented in the biggest quarry of LafargeHolcim Argentina with great feedback from the users and the company as well. They are planning to expand their use to other plants.


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