Employee´s App for the Modern Workforce: Mi PoRHtal

In these difficult times that we are living in, where migrating the job to digital becomes an imperative, the Mi Porhtal app acts as an engagement platform and accompaniment to employees at different levels of the business.

Mi Porhtal it’s a mobile solution specially designed for medium to large organizations with branches and plants helping their workforce to join and be part of a unique culture and working environment. It also helps to self manage digital errands as well as improving and promoting communication and connections between users from different areas or work cultures. 

Conceived as a modern and flexible product for any kind of business, it is the perfect ally for Human Resources to support their business operations. My Porthal includes a space to share content, automate repetitive tasks,  create a sense of team and company belonging and foster links between the different business levels. This tool is powered not only with geolocation to filter content to users but with an intuitive interface that is easy to use.


The main objectives were:

  • Provide a modern and simple channel of communication and information.
  • Speed up and promote self-management.
  • Integrate into a single platform, different tools that currently reside in different channels.
  • Automate and digitize certain activities from Human Resources department


The project´s team was composed by a Product Owner (Darío Vigano, HRBP of LafargeHolcim Argentina), a sponsor (Débora Gelpi, Head of HR),  a Project Manager (Ignacio Garribia Mildenberger from Infovalue)  and  UX/UI Designer (Mauro Iman from Infovalue).




The features proposed in the app are separated into Home, Benefits, Messages, Games and Profile/MyKey (based on a desktop service already used by LafargeHolcim Employee, that allowed to have their own data and make human resources management).

Home: information about the weather, day and general news, birthdays, recognitions and anniversaries of the collaborators. This is the key to make users feel part of the company, connecting each other and creating content.

Profile/MyKey: general configuration, access to personal data, salary receipts, leave request or special leave, shift change, request for salary advance, among other options. Giving the user the possibility to download and upload edited forms, to complete the procedure from the comfort of your device. All the possible requests or forms are contemplated in this feature.

Benefits: categorized into balance, health and plus. It shows valuable information to employees, exposing otherwise unknown benefits.

Messages: a chat for collaborators.

Games: Why not include an enjoyable resource to put our employee´s knowledge to the test? In this example, we proposed a trivia.

We decided to make the login with google account, because all the collaborators have it and it would be easier to log in every day. It was also very important geolocalization, using the following filter per content: Global > Country > Region > Plant. Initially, the application was thought only for Argentina, and after a prudent time of use it would scale to other countries according to the product's roadmap.


Creating the content


The content created on the platform is automatically assembled with the personal data (such as birthdays or anniversaries) of the collaborators connected with the ERP (in this case SAP). Then the most specific content would be created at plant, region, country and global level (following this order of priority when showing it to the user). In terms of periodicity, the levels would follow different standards set by the managers at each level.
Type of user persona


My Porhtal is a project that was not developed yet but is planned to become a reality in the next year. We believe it is a solution that in these times would be ideal to bring together working life that is not happening in the traditional workplace: a space designed for the coexistence and communication between the company and employees, with certain utilities and automated features with no precedents into any digital product. 

Give us your thoughts about this project and if you find it interesting for your company. What else would you include?