Our digitized life

Since we talked about Coronavirus in the world, we have been looking for a way to make everyday life keep its course.

Words like telemedicine, home office, e-commerce and delivery became more relevant in our lives.
It may seem strange, but in many countries something as simple as buying online was not an option for most of the population. In the face of an emergency, e-commerce platforms became a priority for survival. But the urgency is not an excuse to forget the basics: trust, security, efficiency and intuitive navigation are some of the pillars on which these platforms are built.
At Southern Code we have been witnesses and makers of new platforms and tools that were born in the last few months and today are the principal tools of companies in Latin America and all over the world.

In Argentina, during 2019 and according to data from the Electronic Chamber of Commerce, online purchases grew 76% in terms of billing. So far this year, businesses such as supermarkets increased sales in this channel by 300%.
This percentage can be transferred to many other businesses that could stand up for the demand. Unfortunately that wasn't the case for many others that were left out during the first weeks of quarantine.
The development of an e-commerce platform must be taken very seriously, rushing your business model to adapt can lead to fatal mistakes.
Luckily there are professionals more than capable of tackling these challenges effectively without wasting precious time.

As you can see in our client reviews, we have knowledge and experience designing, developing and executing the kind of contingency platform your business needs to adapt to these difficult times.

We invite you to learn more about our proposals.

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