Case study: Performance LH

Laser ITSC, a company from LafargeHolcim providing IT services for all Latam contacted us to develop a solution for their performance and competences evaluation process. They would like to stop using another software for some weak points and incompatibilities with their own process such as: high maintenance and license cost per user, problems accessing the tool because they didn't have any device from the company or a GSuite account activated (mainly users in the field), the software was generic and not custom made for the specific needs of LafargeHolcim' s operations, the employees needed training to use the software, several levels of users support needed for the process, the software didn't support the 3 languages of the region which excluded some users and finally the software had to be used with a vpn or connected at their offices.
After reviewing the entire process with their HR IT Regional Coordinator and the HRBP´s of each country, we identify some problems and challenges.
Our solution: Performance LH
Working with an agile development team, we created a balanced solution to fulfill all users needs. The result was a responsive web application built with React and PHP. Fast, secure, mobile, scalable and simple.
The application allows Performance Management as well as personal competences development. The employee and their supervisors are constantly updated about the process. Supervisors could manage several employees located in different countries, even with temporary assignments. Human Resources users are now able to parameterize the tool’s temporary operating windows, as well as view analytics and generate reports.
The resulting application is mandatory for all employees in 8 countries, making the performance process a part of their daily activities.
Ximena Zamora - Regional HR IT Coordinator says about the experience working with our team:
"After working for more than 20 years in the IT Area for Holcim it is always refreshing to find an IT partner as Southern Code to face together new challenges. Southern Code team has the key features you expect when you need to make things happen with quality and fast. It is a consolidated team of professionals that working remotely and using dynamic tools for follow up and documentation delivering high-quality products. They always have a proposal and ideas or something to add value to the tool or process. They are always available for support. I recommend working with Southern Code because they deliver! Their vision is always a step ahead, they quickly and precisely capture not only definitions but also the "essence" of the solution the client expects. They are user-oriented and are always updated on trends and new technologies. They recommend, based on their experience and research what can suit best for your requirement. They are committed from the beginning and not just until the end of the project, but also after that with a reliable user support service after implementation. My only recommendation would be, keep doing what you do!"