is a solution based on the sudden digitalization of the workplace, due to covid19 pandemic, to create a space where create community and streamline hr management in companies. The close connection with our customers made us design a powerful and scalable tool designed for their needs.

The main objectives were:

  • Make companies connect easily with collaborators efficiently and dynamically.
  • Increases company efficiency due to improved communication channels
  • Minimizes time for management by creating an easy to understand and use tool for low digitized users
  • Create a tool to automate and digitize certain activities from HR department




We wanted to reflect in the branding the potential of, since the name of our product suggests the incentive to employees to excel and set goals in terms of work objectives, being an active part of their companies. The selection of colors was neutral in terms of vivid colors but reflecting seriousness easily combinable with the branding of companies that incorporate this tool into their dynamics.



Feed: The center of our product in which access to all functionalities is presented

News: Imagine sharing relevant content with your collaborators, allowing them to interact or create content.


Events: Events and community are almost synonymous but due to the isolation we are living, it is difficult to coordinate and communicate to everyone equally.

Notifications: Notify of schedule changes, new security measures, sanitary provisions or management protocols: all this at a single click.


Request and HR Solutions: How many times have requests for paperwork been lost? Or lost the course of the process for not having received any return on the state. Thanks to when requesting a management for HR, not only is the person who should solve it warned but the change of status is shown to the applicant.

Set Goals and tasks: Self-definition of short- and long-term goals motivates and drives our collaborators. With Booming.App you can set goals and sub tasks with the percentage within the total goal.


Recognition and loyalty: the possibility of rewarding your collaborators through recognition based on the pillars of your company’s culture.

Jobs openings: The recommended mechanism helps to add trust persons to your company. In we not only share job vacancies for your collaborators but also allow them to apply for an acquaintance to the position.


Booming app is currently at the last stage of Apple’s publishing process. It will be released to the public in October 2020 with already several companies looking forward to use it. Check